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Enniskillenus radiatus

Scientific Classification

Class:               Actinopterygii (Ray-finned Fish)

Order:              Scombriformes

Family:             Palaeorhynchidae (according to Casier 1966) or Xiphiinae (according to Monsch 2004)

Genus:             Enniskillenus

Species:           radiatus (Casier 1966)

Enniskillenus is an odd and rare to find fish which was originally assigned to the family Palaeorhynchidae, but more recently to Xiphiinae due to the elongated rostrum seen in 'billfish'. This skull is clearly recognisable for the ornate patterns on the gently curving frontal bones.

Notable Features

- Sclerotic ossicle in orbit present (1) - Ornate, fibrous pattern on frontals (2) - Elogated rostrum & elongated vertabrae (4) - Fenestra present between parietal and frontal bones (3)

Primary example:

Enniskillenus Dan Hogburn 1.jpg

Holotype: NHM PV P646

Enniskillenus NHM Holotype P646.jpg

Additional Specimen

Enniskillenus Dan Hogburn 2.jpg

Micro CT Scan of Enniskillenus

Cranial Comparison

Enniskillenus comparison.jpg

Reference Material:

  • Casier, E. (1966) Fauna ichthyologique du London Clay. British Museum Natural History London, 1966, 1-496

  • Monsch, K (2005) Revision of the scombroid fishes from the Cenozoic of England

  • Raynor, Mitchell, Clouter (2009) London Clay Fossils of Kent and Essex 

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