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 About PalaeoArt

Hi, I'm Tom and it's fair to say, I "dig" most things Palaeo - Fossil hunting, artistry, preparation, reconstruction and research - if it once breathed but got preserved in rock, the chances are I'll be interested.

Although I've been fascinated by all prehistoric creatures and critters from a young age, it was my degree at Oxford University, England where I became hooked. During that time I specialised in evolutionary biology and was lucky enough to help prep & illustrate some incredible Permian mammal-like reptiles.


Since then, I spend as much time as I can illustrating and prepping material that I find or I'm sent. From an artistic point of view, I'm attempting to bring back the classic style of scientific illustrations but with modern media and techniques. What’s unique is that although I'm willing to sell my originals,  I'm very happy to trade commissioned artwork for fossils to add to my own collection. Win-win!

Thank you for checking out my website.

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